The 2012 Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer® benefiting The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret

Power Pedalers

Over the last two years, Power Pedalers took part in the two day 220km bike ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls in an effort to raise money for the Princess Margret Hospital. Over the years, members of Team Power Pedalers raised over $77,000.00 for cancer research initiatives at the PMH.


This year, however, we plan to make an even bigger impact! The goal this year is raising at least $35,000.00 bringing our grand total to over $100,000.00!


Lets meet the 2012 team!


* Vic Girard: I retired from Hydro One but not from Team Power Pedalers. I will be back with the team again raising money for a great cause.


* Jim Goodfellow: Wasn't going to ride this year "too busy", but never one to miss a good party and a little bit of weight loss; he's back in training for the third straight year!


* Oded Hubert: Placed his marriage on the line and rode with the Team instead of with his wife, Bonnie.


* Joe Vrbanek: Team Captain, ride veteran and leader of the Spartans. Drops seasoned riders (ahem, Vic) like 3rd period French. He led the team to victory by keeping them closer than white on rice.


* Mark Bresee: Bought a brand new bike for the ride, only to have it recalled by the manufacturer even before his first ride. To add insult to injury, he broke his wrist during a training ride last year and was not able to ride. After volunteering as a crew member last year, he is ready to ride this year!


* Anthony Manna: Anthony only pedals faster when free food is waiting at the finish line!


* Joseph Parete: Riding for the second time to support the fight against cancer. After ?sampling? both the 100 mile and 100 kilometre routes last year, became an ardent supporter of the metric system.


* Frank Risi: "Cancer has touched all of us in one way or another and it's great to be part of this inspirational event that will help the fight against this horrible disease. I'm a returning rider who is committed to getting  back to my riding weight of last year, which means the training will start earlier this time around?. 


* Jason Brooksbank: "Coming Soon" is what will be said at the finish line about me...  I ride for those this wretched thing has taken and those it has left behind, too many names (one is too many).  I welcome the chance to fight back! 


* Rob Kamranpoor: I haven?t ridden a bike since I was 12 and thought it would be a good time to start again (mid life crises??). I am riding in memory of those who have lost the battle and those who are fighting this horrible disease and especially some close friends and family who I have lost recently. I just hope I can have kids after the ride :-) !


* Paul Temblay: First time rider. As a long time mountain biker, I've decided to settle the age old argument by finding out for myself which sport really requires the most fitness, skill and endurance from its riders. And, if I can do this by supporting the fight against cancer, a disease which has touched all of us in one way or another it makes challenge and journey very meaningful.


* Kyle Howlett: Returning Rider this year. I had a fantastic time last year and looking to repeating it again! Cancer touches each and every one of our lives, with your help it can and will be beaten. Please help me reach my goal in raising money for this great cause.


Power Pedalers would like to thank their generous sponsors, volunteers and many donors. You played a monuments role in conquering cancer in our lifetime. We would love to have your support and know that your donations budget for this year includes something to support us on this great cause.


If you would like to see some photos from some of our fundraising events over the years, you can! Feel free to take a look at our online photo-album located here:


If you want to donate, volunteer or become a sponsor feel free to contact any of the members listed above.


Please stay tuned for fundraising events and team updates.


Team Power Pedalers

Power Pedalers Raised
Joe Vrbanek $2,520.00
Erin Birnie $3,975.00
Mark Bresee $2,567.00
Jason Brooksbank $3,700.00
Victor Girard $3,385.00
Jim Goodfellow $4,015.00
Stewart Howlett $2,675.00
Oded Hubert $3,819.00
Rob Kamranpoor $2,600.18
Anthony Manna $3,000.00
Joseph Parete $2,510.00
Frank Risi $2,600.00
Nira Rittenberg $2,661.00
Oren Rittenberg $2,760.00
Paul Tremblay $2,833.36
Denotes a Team Captain

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Power Pedalers


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The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret is an epic cycling journey from Toronto to Niagara Falls.


Proceeds will support breakthrough research, exemplary teaching, and compassionate care at The Princess Margaret, one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world. 


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