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Dr. Eamonn D Conrad

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Me and my parents at a Canucks game after surgery (Sara took the picture!)
Me and my parents at a Canucks game after surgery (Sara took the picture!)

Hello! Thank you friends and family for reading this and I appreciate your support!


As many of you know on January 15, 2011 I was diagnosed with a type of cancer called Ewings sarcoma, at age 26.


You never forget when the doctor tells you "you have cancer". It was the worst thing I ever have had to hear and the fear it brings to someone. Thankfully through amazing research over the years, I was able to receive treatment to help me fight this horrible disease. Not everyone is so lucky, but I was and I want to help as many people as I can in the future by doing this ride and raising as much money as possible. This ride was my motivation during chemotherapy to get better and do this ride. I saw some of my nurses do this and it was all the inspiration I needed.


This cancer was discovered in my right leg, and as one would would expect drastically changed my life. Two days after finding this out I underwent surgery that removed a region about eight inches in length and about three inches deep into my inner right thigh. This area included both fat, leg muscle and the tumor itself. Almost immediatly afterwards I went through a series of tests which thankfully found the problem to be local except for a small area of my thigh which contained a macromolecular group of cells. Almost immediatly after I began chemotherapy. Upon completion, I did radiation and am doing well these days! Three check-ups clear and counting!


I Participated in the ride last year and completed it in about 19 hours and am trying to better that time this year!  It was a life changing event for not just me but for all the people that it helps. it was a great two days, and I cannot wait to do it again.Last year I raised $4820 dollars and this year I am trying to beat that mark! So help out if you can!


This is the first time I can honestly say I owe my life to something, that being the BC Cancer agency. The surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, nurses and support staff have been nothing short of amazing, and knowledgeable through this whole thing. Doing this fundraising and bike ride is my way of saying thanks to everyone involved. I want to do this for not only these people who helped me, but the many people I have met going through the same thing. I have met far too many people that were going through life, healthy and have been stricken down with this disease, it is hard to go through something like this, it is harder when you see people younger than me going through the same thing.


So thank you again for taking time to read this and please support my ride! I have until June 2013 to get to $2500 (you can check the Ride to Conquer Cancer website to see were your money goes!). This is a goal I really want to achieve to say THANK YOU! to everyone who has helped me get through this tough time!



Eamonn Conrad


 Follow my Updates on twitter @eamonndc ! I post all about cancer fundraising and awareness!


October 9: GREAT Article about Chuck Pagano, and what a cancer patient goes through:


October 16: Fundraising has kicked off and doing well so far! Just past the 10% Minimum to get back on the ride! Keep the donations coming! And thank you so much!


October 29, 2012: Started a blog on some of the things I have went through/am dealing with/ride things, check it out!


November 1, 2012: GOOD NEWS! I am doing Movember (Pictures to follow). I am sure it will look terrible as it grows out, I just hope I don't look completely awful. In support feel free to make a donation! And thanks for all the dopnations so far, crossed that 10% mark today! Very exciting and again making a difference in peoples lives!


November 22, 2012: So proud of the team so far. It just keeps growing like my mustache. Everyone is doing a great job. Sadly, UBC lost one of their own recently. I only knew Camille to say hi in the hall and chat a little bit, but she was always very friendly. Please take the time to read this article about her and her battle which she sadly has lost, with cancer.


November 30, 2012: Hey World! Just gave my first "Cancer speech" at the UBC chemistry department and it went really well! Getting the word out and getting some more people pledging to donate makes me happy! I also saw this great comic strip See link) from XKCD called "two years". It really sums up what we go through with cancer, and how we can make the best of our time! take a look!


January 10, 2013: hey world! it has been a long time since I updated this page, the blog has been taking up most of my writing time! (check it out: Writing about personal issues I have had or had to deal with, because of cancer being in my life. Ride fundraising is going well, so far, and I am so proud of Team Phoenix for doing such a great job! hoping to have some spin-a-thons soon to raise a few bucks more! I am starting counseling soon to help deal with some things that have been bothering me lately too so that should be great! Hope everyone is doing well! Take care and thanks again!


January 25, 2013: Hey everyone, Epic Impact day is coming up! (February 6!) I am really hopeful we can make a huge difference this day, going to try to get as many donations as I can! Thanks again for all your support! things are busy for me these days, lots of work, and lots of training! I am just getting over a cold so I am behind a bit, but I am working on catching up! Thank you for your support!


February 7, 2013: Hey World Thank you so much for your donations on Epic Impact day! Thank you thank you thank you! My team has now passed $11000 raised so far for cancer research and I am very excited! This will help so many people! I have almost reached my minimum too so I am very excited to cross that plateau and keep going! Training has been going well, I go to the gym every second day and am getting ready to start doing 2/3 days again. I am excited to bike to Seattle again this year for everyone who donated! Take care!


April 26, 2013: Well it has been a long time since I updated this page! The fundraising is going well and I am almost to my minimum (so close to $2500!) and the team is doing great, just passed $17000 raised so far! Pretty exciting stuff! I have been doing a lot of training these days and a lot of writing! I know write for the Huffington Post which is pretty neat!


The winter rains seemed to have cleared a bit these days it is really making training that much easier! I still have one more check up before the ride so let's hope everything keeps going great! Thanks for your support!


May 28. 2013: Hey All, I have another video to share today about Patrick Sullivan, a rider on Team Finn. He has helped raise over $1,000,000 for cancer research. It is worth six minutes to watch the film. Patrick lost his 3 year old son Finn to cancer.


We have a few weeks left to the ride everyone. Lets make them count.


May 29, 2013: On May 20, 2013, cancer took the life of Zach Sobiech but his legacy will live on through the beacon of love and hope he delivered through infectious lyrics and memorable tunes have imprinted on the minds and hearts of millions around the world. Zach died at 18 from Osteosarcoma but he wrote quite a nice song called "Clouds" and recorded it before his passing. Here it is...

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