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104 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $2,500.00
Achieved: $2,597.00

My inspiration: My dad & my girls.
My inspiration: My dad & my girls.

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Welcome to my Personal Page! The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting BC Cancer Foundation, is a two-day cycling journey, through Canada's Pacific region taking place June 16 to 17, 2012. It will be a challenge in a number of ways, but with my bike, my helmet, and your generosity, a real impact will be made!


Darryl did the ride in 2011, which has motivated me to give this ride a shot for 2012.  In 2010, I was by my dad's side as he fought pancreatic cancer over a gruelling 11 month period.  This included 6 weeks of daily chemo and radiation treatments.  Dad's strength through it all was inspiring.  One month after his 70th birthday, my dad lost his fight.  I am participating in this ride in his memory.  If dad could fight cancer for nearly a year through all the pain and emotional toll, then there is nothing stopping me from cycling over 200kms in two days. I have no doubt this will be challenging for me, but it doesn't compare to the hardship of those who fight cancer.

Contribute to this history-making event with a donation. Funds raised in The Ride to Conquer Cancer will support breakthrough research, exemplary teaching, and compassionate care made possible through BC Cancer Foundation, a leader in cancer research and care.

Thank you in advance for your help.  



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A Couple of Milestones
So this weekend I rode my bike across the Lions Gate Bridge for the first time EVER. I have only lived in North Vancouver for 12 years and I cross the bridge every day to work, but I have never crossed it any other way than in a vehicle. So for some reason I set this up as this really scary undertaking, but it really wasn't. Sure, I was passed by every other cyclist that day as I trudged up the bridge heading south, but then I got to fly down the bridge and through most of the causeway. The return trip; however, that is another story. The causeway is deceivingly steep heading north and by the time I got to the bridge I had pretty much run out of steam. But with just one push at a time I made it. Sadly, by the time I was a block away from home, the prospect of ascending the ridiculously steep hill just did me in and I walked my butt that last block home. However, I know that whatever is thrown at me on the weekend of the Ride to Conquer Cancer that I will be incredibly motivated by all of those around me to keep myself going. I won't lie, I am freaking out about being ready but it is the support of all of those who have donated to my ride that is a huge motivation.

That is where my other, more important milestone comes in. This weekend I crossed the $2,000 mark in my fundraising efforts. Now I am less than $500 away from my fundraising goal making it possible for me to participate in the Ride to Conquer Cancer. I wanted to give a shout out to my amazing donors:

Diane Kozoris - My amazing mother whose strength is such an inspiration after losing her husband of 43 years to cancer.
Darryl, Ella & Iris Lapaire - My incredible husband and beautiful daughters. Now admittedly their donation was at the beginning when they were feeling sorry for me in my low fundraising total.
Bradley Lapaire - My favourite brother-in-law since he is the only one of the three to donate and that was after he had already donated to Darryl's ride!
Sarah & Brad Loewen - My cousin, Sarah, and her family! Sarah made the trip all the way from Winnipeg to be there for my family at my dad's service!
Tracy Guizzetti - An incredible colleague of 7 years at Whole Foods Market, she was my first donor.
Pete Bourgeault - Another remarkable colleague of mine at WFM and from the US no less, so wasn't even in it for the tax receipt.
Sara Tarp - At this point I am humbled by the support I have received from colleagues and yet another from the US to completely selflessly donate.
Brant Rigby - I even received a donation from my manager, so I best follow through on this commitment. And also of note that he is also from the US.
Laurie Roy - Yet another wonderful WFM colleague to support me on this journey.
Brendan O'Neil - A WFM colleague of mine from one of the Ontario stores.
Casey Morton - A former manager of mine at WFM and also lives in the US and yet made one of my biggest donations!
Amanda Zhang - A former colleague of mine when I worked at SPUD.
Brian Livesey - Another former SPUD colleague and it was Brian's donation who put me over the $2,000 fundraising milestone!
Jen & Doug Beever - A wonderful high school friend, was the maid of honour at my wedding and continues to be a good friend.
Sandra & John Rocha - A friend of mine from my Kitimat days.
Jackie & Dustin Rutsatz - A long time friend who I went to high school with in Kitimat and have managed to stay in touch with after all these years.
Nadia Raposo - Wow, I have known Nadia since I was 5 years old and we have managed to stay in touch off and on all of these years.
Tosca & Mike Hopkins - Friends of ours who we got to know from Ella's day care.
Gord Yamanaka - Went to high school with Gord and we haven't seen each other since, yet he contributed to my ride. Gord is also doing the ride in honour of his dad.
Mary Lo - Another high school friend. I have been overwhelmed with the generosity of those who knew me way back when and despite not staying in touch since still donated to my ride.
John Cruz - The parent of one of Ella's day care friends.
Marianne Povey - Our real estate agent who sold our last place and helped us by our current house.
Samantha Duess - The best hair stylist I have ever had, turned photographer it is her pictures of my family that adorn our hallway walls.

Without all of you, this would not be possible for me to be part of this amazing event! Thank you for your support in my small efforts to have an impact on one day eradicating cancer!

by Janet Lapaire on Mon, Mar 26, 2012 @ 1:26 AM

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